K-Beam Power Pod Attachment


In this 1 minute video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne demonstrates the use of the KECO K-Beam Power Pod attachment to turn your K-Beam into a powerful leverage bar.  The KECO K- Beam Power Pod Attachment is used to crank with more power on stronger tabs like centipedes.

Video Transcript


today we would like to show you how to change your K- Beam into the powerful, power pod system that is a leverage bar, so that you can start cranking on strong and heavy tabs like the centipedes.

How do we change your K-Beam into that powerful tool? Well, take the end caps off. Take your feet off. Slide the power pod into one end of the tool, tighten it, place it on a strong spot on your car, on an edge, somewhere strong so that you don't dent the car.

Glue down your tab that you're using and start cranking using a lot of power with this big strong tool that you can actually buy on kecotabs.com. If you want more information on this tool, and you want to start cranking go and visit the link below.


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