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In this 8 minute video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne demonstrates the KECO edge adapter and C-hook.  The KECO Edge Adapter and C-Hook is used for moving double bent medal, or anything that you want to bend back without damaging the other side with a hammer.  

Video Transcript

today we would like to talk to you about our edge series of tools. As you can see, we have a whole range of tools over here, and we would like to explain to you what they are for.

First of all, we’ve got our edge adapter. What is the edge adapter? What does it do? The edge adapter is used with the k bar mainly to straighten out door lines on the car- fender lines. You use it with the K bar. Use it on the car, put it against a door line- fender lines. You go in between, and it allows you to straighten out those body lines while the fenders and doors are mounted on the car. It allows you, even after your paint job or your PDR work is done, to straighten out and align those body lines so that they're perfectly in line before you return your car or your repair back to your client. So this is one important, small, but very nice tool to use for that specific feature.

The second tool that we have and want to highlight in this video, is the KECO C- hook. Why do we use this hook? As you can see, it's a C, threaded on both sides, and it accepts one of our adapters that we use in conjunction with our other tools. It screws into the C, like this, making this C a tool that you can use on your K bar. Let's see how it works, take the K bar just as all the other adaptors, slide it in, close it, and then of course you have the C on the K bar. What do you do next?

Well we have a whole range of tips, as you can see, that will be able to work with the C. You put them in here and you’ve got like a seven centimeter opening here, that will allow you to go under quarter edges, Fender edges, whatever edge you want to pull. Put it against the car on a strong spot, on the tire, whatever edge you want to repair, and pull it out and straighten the edge. Why would you want to do that?

Well if you would glue a centipede on a double welded or glued edge it will release without a lot of result. Actually the same problem you would have with a stud welder. If you will weld Z wire on that double edge that is glued on there you will pull holes, and there's not a lot of movement.

So those edge tools go behind that and allow you to move another metal without hurting it, without damaging it, just bringing it out. You can go even closer and more narrow, and use smaller tips on it. All the industries PDR tips are accepted on this tool, and you can use it to push and pull out a detail on any double welded and glued on metal.

We have our power pod for the K beam so you can turn the K beam into a big strong leverage bar and of course exactly the same, this C clamp or C hook will accept or work in conjunction with this strong bar. Where can you use this tool? Well every double bended part on your car, even sunroofs, quarter panels, fenders, doors, whatever you want to bend back without hitting it with your hammer. As you know, you will not create any damage. Even if you protect these bigger greater tips, put some tape on it whatever you want to use. You'll be moving a lot of that double bended metal without damaging the backside. As you know hitting it with hammers will get the paint off and will damage that metal. This will help you tremendously.

Last but not least, if you want to go stronger we have these. You just screw in the hook and as you are repairing a big dent quarter panel, use straps, put it on there, with tension on it. You can even use a chain to hook around it pull the edge and straighten out the metal without even the need for a hammer to bring that line all the way back out and stretch that metal of that corner and bring it back and out line that quarter panel. It'll help you tremendously.

Our C hook works in conjunction with our very popular Robo lifter. You just  take it off as we did the tab adapter. Take it, and just screw it in there and you'll be able to use it with all your favorite tips. All the industry's tips, all the ones out there, your favorite tips can be used in conjunction with this C hook.

Why would you need this? Well with sharper tips and protected tips you can repair double bended metal that is unrepairable with tabs, and there is no need anymore to grind it and Studweld that thing to pull it out. Just use a tip. Screw the tip into the clamp, and it's double adjustable. You can adjust it here to move up the C up here as high as you want it to be, and if you are working your metal, your double metal on a door or wherever, you can adjust from underneath, and bring up the tip as high as you want. And you got all this view, all this visibility to work that metal or that double edge.

Why is that important? Well, this extra here gives you a lot of room on sunroofs,bigger, or lower edges, to easily hook behind it. And last but not least, it accepts about any tip in the industry. Small micro tips like our brand new micro tips that you use with the Swan, Black Swan, guided knock down tool. Even very long tips if you want them in here or want to use them with the C clamp. it is easy, up and down and start working those double edges.

So if you want to know more about our C hooks, want to use them with your k- bar your K- beam or your robo or with a chain with straps. You see how versatile the tool is, go to Kecotaps.com or click the link below.

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