K-1911 PDR Dent Gun Tab Mini Lifter


In this 2 minute video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne demonstrates the KECO K-1911 PDR Dent Gun Tab Mini Lifter.  This dent gun allows you to pull smaller dents anywhere on the car, with a more natural feel to the handle. 

Video Transcript


Today we’d like to talk to you about our dent gun. What is a dent gun? Well it has 5 interesting features.  It’s an injection molded one, state of the arc tool. It has a 360 range of the feet. It has balled feet, moveable ones, so no matter what surface you are glue pulling on, it will follow that surface.  It will follow hollow dents, rockers, rails, roofs, everything you want in glue pulling.


What is so special about this one? Well as you can see, the handle is not on top of the lifter, as most are.  The handle follows the arm and follows the natural movement of the arm and the wrist, allowing you to pull up this way.


Why is that so nice? If you have wrist pains or elbow sorrows and are gonna glue pull all day on those rails. It will make your life easier by glue pulling this way all day long and giving it a natural feel.  It is also an open adapter. If you want to use bigger tabs like the centipede, you can just slide it in. Or just normal hail tabs, you can grab any tab from any direction, the left or the right.


Another nice feature of this dent gun, is that you have this constant pressure indexing feature.  Meaning, if you use tabs and want to put pressure on one place that you’re working on, use the index, leave the tool, and work around the big dent that you’re working on.  If you want to release it again, just click the handle or the hammer and release the tool. So you can use this one, crank it, leave it, work on crowns around it; it’s a nice extra feature to use.  


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