Crown Slappers


In this 2 minute video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne demonstrates the KECO Crown Slappers that are used to knockdown or move crowns smoothly, without dimpling the metal.  

Video Transcript


Today we would like to talk to you about our slappers, we have the rigid and flexible.  Why would we use slappers? We use them in conjunction with our pressure tool, our K- beam when we pull centipedes on bigger dents when we want to move big crowns.  It’s logical because smaller crowns and small ridges we usually use hammers on, or even your really small ones we use knockdowns. But the bigger the crown becomes, and the faster you want to move it, the bigger your knockdown tool is.

Now this one here, the rigid one, you can bend it in the shape you want.  It stays in that shape. You put it on the car in the shape or crown you are reshaping. You put it on the metal and start hitting the metal so it prevents the big crown from denting when you’re using your hammer.

Second quality is the rubber one, very flexible.  Why would you use this one? Well the rigid one transfers hard wide blows, but watch it when you hit it though because it is so strong you might even hit a line in there.  So if you use it on those bigger crowns and hit it in the center while you are moving up and down and just hit it hard, nothing will happen. When you use it on a car and hit it hard, all it does is move the metal without dimples or dents.

This one here, because of the flexibility is chosen for round things, rockers, doors. It’s very forgiving, even on the edge or in the middle, you can move around and hit it.  If it’s hallow, it allows you to move those big crowns without dimpling it.

That's why we use those two.  It’s up to you to decide which is the best one on which occasion or repair it will be.  That is why we sell them in a set, or separately to use in conjunction with mainly our K-beam pressure tool.   


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