JVF Knockdown Holder


In this 10 minute video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne demonstrates the JVF knockdown Holder. It fits any knockdown in the industry, and is used for a steady and precise knockdown.  

Video Transcript


Today we’d like to talk to you a little bit about knocking down.  You see a whole range of tools here. We want to talk to you about our black swan and the JVF knockdown holder.  As you can see here, we have a variety of knock downs. We have our black swan, in different set ups as I will explain to you soon.  We have our slappies, and our hammer with tips that we use. But especially regarding knocking down we have something that we’d like to give you more explanation about.  The reason is, there are a lot of blending hammers out there but people still need and will need knockdowns.


Well we all know knockdowns as you can see here wear a rubber cap or without it.  These are our rootbeer knockdowns, we have them in ice and fire material. Now, the idea of knocking down is that you use a knockdown and you are knocking down the high spots.  You’ve got a knock down slapper, and a knock down, and you knock on it. Now when you start using knock downs, it's not easy to pinpoint where you need to be, and knock down that high spot.  


That is why we developed our black swan.  Now the black swan allows you to work with this tool and put it on a car or a high spot  and knock it down. Instead of using a knockdown, this tool will hold your knockdown 90 degrees and very steady on what you are knocking down.  Why would you need to be steady? Well, it determines how good you will be at pinpointing and knocking down that specific point.


Now our black swan or knockdown holder has an extra feature here.  First of all, it’s going to come very soon, we have a full ultra steel knockdown on its own.  The tip here is a metal, polish tip, four millimeter, so you can have a metal knockdown working those high spots, or, one of our root beer tips. So you will have two in one. It will be a metal knockdown and the rootbeer tip on top of it.  So it is your choice to use it with a rootbeer tip knocking down, or maybe you’ll need the steel to knock those high spots down.


But that's not the last, you can take your stud out or your metal knock down, just screw it out.  We’ve developed something else for it. It works in conjunction with the swan. This is our knockdown holder.  


So how does it work?  You just slide it over, and now you have a knockdown holder over the swan.  Why did we do this? We know that people like their knockdowns. We have a wide range of knockdowns here from the VIP, the polish metal, the old VIP, we have a dent craft here, we have an ulta magnetic one, we have a whole range, I forgot a few probably.  They are very popular knockdowns.


Any knock down that you have, you just put it through your knockdown holder, tighten it, and just put it on the thing you want to knock down, and you can start working. This is the ultra one, but you can take it out, put a KECO one in there. People just love a full knockdown in there. So no matter what kind of knock down you have or you want to use, they all fit in here.  If you take your dentcraft one, full aluminum one, same thing. Pinpoint it and you can start using that knockdown. The old or the new VIP, put it in the hole, tighten it, and its ready to use.


You can place it on the car in any open area, and it will make a comfortable feel on any part of the car. So this is one option, but this knockdown holder does not only fit on the swan, because our swan and the hammer have the same head.  So if you’ve got our hammer, just put it over that, tighten it, and we have a back foot for stability. Just click it on there, and this makes it into a very long knock down holder.


You might say, ‘why do i need that?’ Well, if you’re doing big dents and you need stability, you might want to work further away from it.  It stands on it’s own. Any kind of knock down that you want, just put it in there and you can begin knocking down.


Why did we do this? We still have people that only work with knockdowns.  I had a friend of mine saying “I don’t want to use a hammer because I want my knockdown to be exactly where I need it to be because if i miss it with my hammer i almost start crying.” You know what I mean, so if you’re not into blending hammers and you want to pinpoint exactly there to finish off your work, a knockdown holder.  


So you’ll be seeing those new kits online.  And of course if you come to trade shows like Sema or MTE, the next one is MTE in January. Visit us and you will be able to see hands on how these tools work.  So I’ll see you guys next time.


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Annasysvab - June 4, 2021

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