Robo Mini Lifter


In this 3 minute video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne demonstrates the KECO mini Robo Lifter.  The KECO Mini Robo Lifter is used to pull out smaller dents and is adaptable to many different tabs.  

Video Transcript


Today I would like to tell you about our state of the art injection molded Mini Robo lifter.  We never say mini lifter to a Robo. Well, why not? We’re going to compare these two to let you know what the different features are and why you should use a robo over a regular mini lifter.  


On the mini lifter, the feet only move two ways, and doesn’t have enough mobility.  Also, there is only a closed adapter on most of them that grabs small tabs. What's the difference with the robo? Well, it has some interesting features.  First, it has a 360 degree rotating handle so if you’re a lefty, you can use it on the left side. If you are working on top of the car, under the car, you can use the handle in any direction.


How can you do that?  Well the feet are moveable too, they can adapt to any metal on any car you’re working on. If you’re working on flat metal, well the feet flatten out.  If you’re working on a rail, well the feet follow the shape of the rail and pull those dents. If you’re working on a rocker or a hollow dent, the feet follow that.  


Why is that important? With a lot of the normal lifters, if you put a lot of pressure on the lifter, you will pull those feet or those lines into your metal.  This thing here, follows the metal around and allows it to move. And while you’re lifting, it does not push or pull any dents, while you are pulling dents.


So an extra feature that is very interesting, is the open adapter.  Why would you prefer an open adapter over a closed adapter? For many reasons, it accepts way more tabs than a closed one.  I will show you how.


If you have the ribbed ones, like the black ice one here, it allows those because it slides through and has a good grip on it.  You can use it on small tabs, hail tabs, they’re all accepted, but also, our bigger centipedes. If you want to use it to repair bigger dents or creases, well our centipede just slides through that adapter.  It allows you to pull out the crease and start with glue pulling, or you can finish it off with knock downing. So that's a major thing that you can do with this robo lifter and you can pair all these tabs with different tools.  


Last but not least, our new viper.  You glue it on and follow the shape of the dent. You can just grab all those different tabs, as you can see, and follow the repair and just pull it out.  So as you can see, there are many reasons to check out our robo lifter. Try to use it and pull out those dents or smaller things with our beautiful state of the art lifter.  


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