KECO 5 Day GPR & GPR+ Apprentice Accelerator Training - Oklahoma City



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Our in-person 5 day training at our OKC shop is a great way for entry level GPR technicians and enthusiasts to learn about GPR with a combination of classroom and hands-on GPR Training.  This entry level course focuses on non-invasive dent repair in the modern world and analyzing damage to create a repair plan that is sustainable.  Focusing on damage analysis, metal flow and KECO’s 6C process will set you up for success. The hands-on experience side-by-side with our industry and GPR experts will provide you with knowledge on all aspects of the process from rough out to precision repairs.  Using the KECO L2E system you will understand the KECO repair continuum to apply the GPR level of detail you are looking for.

This is a great opportunity to be introduced and immersed in KECO GPR!

5 Day Training at the KECO OKC Shop Covering:

  • Overview of the 6 C Process
  • Understanding damage analysis as related to metal flow and determining where to start your repair
  • Understand the importance of lighting
  • Discover new techniques with your GPR tools
  • Find out what glue to use with certain temperatures
  • Know the difference between the tabs, lifters and knockdowns and when to use them

    KECO Body Repair Products

    KECO Body Repair Products is the pioneer of glue pull repair (GPR) within the collision repair and paintless dent repair (PDR) industries. Based in Oklahoma City, KECO’s team manufactures a broad range of innovative GPR tools, with superior quality, for the most discerning professional technicians.

    KECO is focused on creating the best customer experience available, with exceptional service and most products guaranteed for life. KECO is here to help YOU (the technician) do your best repairs with the most comprehensive line of GPR and PDR tools available today.