KECO GPR RoughOut Portable System with Bag

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Large damage repair continuum

The KECO RoughOut glue pull repair system allows technicians to repair medium to large damage. This system contains all the items necessary to achieve basic pulls that will ultimately require additional work and body filler to finish.

Rough Out Capability

As you move through the entire repair continuum the KECO RoughOut GPR System provides you with the tools to rough out damage.

  • RoughOut Toolset - Ideal for technicians looking to simply rough out damage that will ultimately need a filler for finishing
  • Medium to Large Damage - K-Beam and Slide Hammers provide the ability to make double-action pulls and the K-Bar performs leverage pulls that move tons of metal FAST
  • Knockdown & Blending - JVF Body Hammers and Slappies are great for knocking down crowns and releasing tension while repairing damage
  • Tab Selection - Includes medium sized crease tabs as well as large and x-large Centipede and Supertabs in all the most popular shapes, sizes, and materials
  • Storage & Organization - KECO's Tool bag and tab organizer provide a compact storage solution that is great for techs who want portability

Purchase includes

KECO L2E Glue Pull Repair Collision System

KECO's L2E is the most comprehensive glue pull repair system available to body shop technicians. This system includes the industry's best lifting tools a powerful KECO shop light and a GPR tool cart. This is the only option for those looking for a complete GPR solution to improve shop efficiency.

Finish your repairs fast with minimal if any body filler. Tools are easily stored and organized on the cart while the TabPrints organizer keeps your tabs arranged and ready to pull.

  • Level 2E System Toolset - The complete shop system for technicians and shop owners wanting the complete GPR solution ideal for repairing damage throughout the repair continuum using as little body filler as possible and preparing for paint quickly
  • Rough-Out & Large Damage - K-Beam® and K-Beam® Jr. with added height legs provide double-action pulls and the K-Bar® executes leverage pulls that move tons of metal FAST
  • Small & Detail Finish Corrections - Robo Lifter and Precision Pulling Base correct small and x-small damage with precise control when combined with Dead Center® finishing tabs
  • Lighting - KECO Shop Light enhances the technician's ability to see damage on clear coat and various paint colors to enable to place tabs for pulls with accuracy and control
  • Storage & Organization - KECOs GPR Cart TabPrints™ organizer along with the Z-Channel™ platform store glue gun heat gun thermometer and glue to keep tools and tabs clean and organized in any shop

KECO GPR Technician Companion System with Shop Cart

Designed with the Technician in mind to compliment shops already utilizing the L2E System.

The Technician Companion Kit is intended to cover a smaller percentage of collision shop repairs to work in unison with L2E Collision System. This allows technicians to work from the central L2E for larger tools and address a smaller percentage of damage with the satellite Technician Companion Kit. This is one more innovation from KECO based on job mapping and learnings from hundreds of in-shop training sessions where we have had the opportunity to see GPR repairs evolve first-hand.

Partial Capability

The Technician Companion Kit allows technicians to approach mid-range damage within the repair continuum with confidence.

  • Companion Toolset - The Technician Companion Kit allows technicians to work off the L2E Shop System. This cart provides you with frequently used tools when repairing giving multiple technicians the ability to utilize the L2E at once
  • Limited Capability - The K-Bar and Slide Hammer are great tools to reduce large damage with the Centipedes and SuperTabs. The Robo Mini Lifter allows small damage correction with a limited selection of crease and finish tabs.
  • Tab Selection - Includes a limited selection of Centipedes and SuperTabs for large damage as well as a common selection of smaller Crease and Dead Center tabs for detail corrections
  • Storage & Organization - KECOs Compact GPR Cart TabPrints organizer along with the Z-Channel platform store glue gun heat gun thermometer and glue to keep tools and tabs clean and organized in any shop

36" 12-volt Shop Light with Stand

  • Lightweight Durable 36" x 8" Shop Light - gives maximum light and visibility for automotive collision repair bodywork and detailing
  • Single Stage Vertical Adjustment Extendable Boom Arm and Non-Mark End Caps - finds those hard to reach angles while protecting the paint and finish from accidental bumps or contact
  • 3" Locking Swivel Caster and Integrated Battery Tray - for easy mobility between bays or storage between jobs

Dead Center® SuperTab® Variety Pack Blue Glue Tabs (10 Tabs)

Dead Center® SuperTabs® combine the heavy-duty pulling strength of SuperTabs® with the focused pulling area of a Dead Center® for unparalleled pulling performance.

The threaded Stafast system provides compatibility with Keco K-Bar® and K-Beam® systems as well as industry-standard slide hammers mini lifters and other pulling methods.

  • Patented Dead Center Technology - the specialized neck to face ratio provides the best possible rigid center pull with flex along the edges to avoid overpulling
  • Large Surface Area - Featuring an oversized surface area designed to prevent overpulling
  • Threaded Stafast System - Provides a solid positive lock between the tab base and interchangeable lifting mechanisms and adapters
  • Smooth Face - Allows the glue to adhere for the strongest possible pull
  • Blue Material - Flexible formula allows for a solid pull and vibration absorbing hold

KECO Body Repair Products

KECO Body Repair Products is the pioneer of glue pull repair (GPR) within the collision repair and paintless dent repair (PDR) industries. Based in Oklahoma City, KECO’s team manufactures a broad range of innovative GPR tools, with superior quality, for the most discerning professional technicians.

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