Composite Blending Hammer


In this 2 minute video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne demonstrates the JVF Composite Blending Hammer. This state-of-the-art Blending Hammer is light and accepts all the industries tips.

Video Transcript


We would like to talk to you about our state-of-the-art composite injection mold blending hammer. It weighs 120 grams and has two inserts in it. A full aluminum insert into the hammer makes it that real light to use as a blending hammer. Also as a planning hammer with our square tip to use on those backgrounds while you're pulling crowns or dents, and slapping them.


What can you use on it? Well the 5/16 insert accepts all the industries tips, hammer tips, blending tips, or knockdown tips. They all fit into our hammer. The one we prefer with it is our 360 square blending tip.


Why is that? Well because we do a lot of big stuff. We use this one as a blending hammer, or with our brass tip on it you can use it as a slapper. Then you can hit it with another hammer and, without making impacts on crowns, use it as a blending slapper.

We have all kinds of different tips. We have our round polished hammer tip, and then we have the different quality parts that we can use in the insert on the handle. You just screw it in there and use it on your favorite knockdown. We have a rubber one, but also a harder composite one that you can use on metal knockdowns as you prefer to use this hammer.


A very nice feature that we have on our other tips are these rubber caps that you can place over your tip while blending. Then it's up to you how to use it. You have different types of steel. A lot of HSS steel or aluminum to work on bigger crowns. So you might want to start with a rubber cap. We have one for the square tip and for the round tip as well.


So it's completely up to you on how you want to use this completely adaptable hammer. From small knock downing, to bigger crowns, to repairing big dents; it’s all possible with this state-of-the-art composite injection-molded hammer.


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