Glue Pull Repair Collision System Buyers Guide – What GPR System Should I Buy?

2021 Collision Glue Pull Repair Systems

With glue pull repair (GPR) gaining popularity in the collision repair industry more and more tool manufacturers are taking note and developing a glue pull repair solution to add to their product lines. Many of the industry’s most well-known name brands are now offering some sort of GPR kit to repair damage in the least invasive ways possible. In this article we will go over all of the options available to shops and technicians and highlight some pros and cons of each so that you are able to make the right decision and achieve success with a collision GPR system. This buyer's guide should provide you with an overview of each of the systems available.

Summaries are provided in no particular order.


As a known name in the collision repair industry, it comes as no surprise that Spanesi has recognized the importance of offering a glue pull repair solution. Named “PULL UP!”, the Spanesi GPR product utilizes suction cups, glue, and slide hammers to accomplish panel repairs. Suitable for both steel and aluminum substrates – as all glue pull repair products are – straightening the panel is performed from the exterior of the panel or lining. Spanesi states that they offer an exclusive glue formulation that facilitates difficult repair procedures on rocker panels, roofs, dog legs, door sills, along body lines, and in pillar locations. 

The Spanesi glue pull system categorizes their suction cups as convex, angled, round, oval, concave, and rectangular. Their suction cups are built with a steel core that they say guarantees strength and reliability during pulling.

Customers are offered a full, standard, light, and basic sets within the PULL UP! product line. They state that their full option is the repair solution for major and complex damage types. Up to four suction cups may be combined for simultaneous pulls in large repair areas and they can be used with their Electro puller as an optional combination.

Pros: Robust tabs that are shaped like common areas of vehicle panels, five different sized slide hammer choices, heavy-duty storage cart, large initial supply of glue, powerful glue gun 

Cons: Slide hammers are the only pulling device included, no small damage repair capability, glue sticks are an uncommon diameter, no lighting options included, not available for purchase online

Dent Fix

As the manufacturer of the technician-loved Maxi dent pulling machine, Dent Fix also provides a couple of glue pull solutions. There are two options to look at depending on your desired results.

The first is the Ultra Ding Massager that Dent Fix states is excellent for removing dings and small dents when access to the back of the panel is not possible. This kit includes a Squeeze Puller, T-Puller, a knockdown tool with two different heads, six-piece hard plastic knockdown & shaping tools, a slide hammer, a 120v glue gun, plastic scraper, 12 glue sticks, 24 different pulling nibs, and a blow molded case.

The second option is what Dent Fix calls their Glue Puller Xtreme. This kit is positioned to repair major panel damage with minimum tear down, prep, clean up, and damage to the vehicle. This kit utilizes large glue pads with heavy duty glue to pull and straighten large, damaged areas on external sheet metal without removing paint or corrosion protection, additional parts, and without the need to weld pull tabs onto the car.

Pros: Large damage repair option, medium damage repair option, nice carrying case, knockdown tools included, variety of pulling tools, lateral pull bars

Cons: Limited tab selection, basic mini lifter, bridge lifter not included, textured tabs, no lighting options included, limited pulling tool accessories

Cam Auto Pro

Cam Auto provides innovative products and tools designed and produced for technicians to execute all sorts of dent repair projects within a minimal time frame. They provide welders in addition to glue pull products and state that their products are backed with world-class research, testing, service, and support.

There are several glue pull repair kits offered by Cam Auto across a broad range of price points, tab sizes, tab shapes, and pulling tools. Included in some of the kits are also welders. The carts that come with a Cam Auto kit are similar to welding carts that auto body shops may be familiar with and easily store the included tabs and tools for organization.

Some of the kits offered that do not include a cart are named the Small Dent Kit, Pulling Kit, Starter Kit, Pro Tech Kit, Monster Kit, Big Kit Plus, Big Kit, PDR Tech Kit, Euro Kit. Kits that include a cart are named the Elite Loaded Cart Kit, Premium Elite Loaded Cart Kit, and the Monster Cart Kit.

Pros: Heavy-duty tab construction, flexible glue sticks, familiar eyelet & rod design, included bridge lifter and leverage bar, lateral pulling bars

Cons: Large variety of kits is difficult to choose from, limited small damage capability, no lighting options included


You may recognize some of the glue pull repair tools included in the ProSpot offering. As one of the industry’s favorite supplier of welders, ProSpot seems to have teamed up with Cam Auto Pro to provide collision repair technicians with glue pull repair tools. ProSpot states that techs can fix major dents with no heat which is crucial when repairing new, advanced, heat sensitive materials with little or no heat input. They say that glue pull repair will help with your dent repair process by cutting repair time through the avoidance of welding or arc procedures.

The ProSpot Glue Tab Dent Station is designed as an all-in-one workstation for glue tab dent repair. When repairing new advanced metals, heat input management is critical. The ProSpot system claims to allow you to pull dents without heat, but also saves you time by cutting your prep and repair time substantially. This station includes a complete kit as well as a mobile cart and storage for pulling tools and accessories to pull dents. Stated benefits include the ability to work on steel and aluminum, pull directly on painted materials, various pullers, reusable pull tabs, safe for electronics and computers, no panel removal required, eliminates any backside corrosion, and no burn through or welding.

Pros: Big damage repair capability, familiar eyelet & bar design, variety of familiar pulling tools, included mobile cart and carrying case

Cons: Limited tab selection, third party tab designs, no lighting options included, limited pulling tool accessories, not available for purchase online

Keco Body Repair Products

Keco has been a plastics molding manufacturer for over 50 years. Over a decade ago the business broke into the glue pull repair space and started manufacturing tabs mainly for paintless dent repair technicians. Since then, the engineers at Keco have transferred their knowledge of plastics material science and adapted their product offering for the collision repair industry.

There are two primary systems that Keco offers for professional auto body shops and technicians. The first is the Level 1 Glue Pull Repair System and the second is the Level 2 Glue Pull Repair System. The difference between these systems is highlighted with what Keco frames as the Repair Continuum – starting with big smashes and as technicians move up the continuum large damage becomes smaller and smaller until a true metal finished result is achieved.

The Keco Level 2 Collision Glue Pull Repair System is a comprehensive piece of equipment that provides techs with the ability to fix everything from big smashes to door dings and everything in-between. This is made possible through a unique and vast selection of tabs (120+ different sizes/shapes) coupled with pulling devices that work in perfect unison with the various tab shapes to pull only the damage that you intend and nothing more. This level of precision and finesse is truly unique to the Keco system. The Level 2 system includes a U-Bolt to pull tabs with your hydraulic post or ratchet strap, two bridge lifter sizes, two slide hammer sizes, a leverage bar, a Robo lifter (arguably one of the most sought-after small damage lifters amongst technicians today), and a massive assortment of tabs to fit any dent size or shape you are repairing. The system is also the only option that comes with a 36” light that is required for the most precise small damage repairs, and handy for estimating the totality of all types of damage. You will also receive various accessories for edge corrections and a full assortment of knockdowns including a body hammer and blending hammer.

In addition to the tools and tabs included, Keco systems come with a 90-day money back guarantee, a free 1-hour virtual session with a Keco technician to get over the initial learning curve, various length financing options with six months interest free, and a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty on Centipede tabs, SuperTabs, and pulling tools.

Both kits are available with a cart or, if you would like to store the tools, tabs, and accessories in your own cart, you can save a few dollars and purchase the same tool set as a portable kit that comes with a bag instead of a cart. You can purchase any Keco product or system directly online. In addition to Keco’s systems of tools they also offer a Level 2 system with a full day of training included. If you aren’t pocketed deep enough to pay for a full day of training, don’t worry. Keco also has the largest community of glue pull repair technicians in their Facebook group so, techs can get help from their peers and share their work to help other technicians achieve the least invasive repairs possible.

Pros: Lifetime warranty, 90-day money back guarantee, largest selection of tabs, full assortment of lightweight pulling tools, lighting included, cart included, wide assortment of knockdowns included

Cons: Cart assembly is time consuming, light does not include battery, cart cover sold separately, cleaning and release solution sold seperately

BETAG Innovation

BETAG has been a supplier of innovative and efficient repair solutions for years and is known as one of the industry’s most comprehensive trainers. The glue repair section of BETAG’s outer panel repair toolbox contains a range of equipment designed to enable technicians to work precisely and efficiently.

Offered in four different kits or systems, BETAG’s Speedline product provides technicians the choice between an Eco System, Business System, Pro Station, and accessory kit. The Eco, Business, and Pro options each include a bridge lifter, glue, glue gun, and tabs. The Eco includes only a small selection of tabs, the Business includes several more tabs, and the Pro Station includes a wide range of tools to tackle glue panel repair.

The Pro Station is the most likely choice for an auto body shop looking to add glue pull repair to their business processes. This station contains the Speedline Pull and a wide range of Speedline tabs. Techs can choose to add the accessory kit to increase the total amount of tabs available on the cart for large to medium damage repair. The station includes two bridges – an offering only rivaled by the Keco Collision Systems which also offers two different bridge lifter sizes. You might also recognize the design characteristics of the BETAG Speedline pulling elements as they resemble that of Keco’s Centipede tab line of tabs that share a very similar form factor.

Pros: Pro Station includes 2 bridge lifter sizes, compact cart, quality carrying case, free video instructions, variety of tab designs

Cons: Small cart, no lighting options included, limited pulling tool accessories, not available for purchase online


Robaina has been producing auto body repair tools for years and now provides technicians with a glue pull repair option for their shop.

Named the PDR Glue Pull Dent Repair Mobile Cart System, Robaina states this product to be their professional complete mobile glue pull dent repair station that’s been designed for body shop, PDR mobile technicians, dealerships and vehicle recondition facilities doing paintless dent repair. The system includes a full set of tabs including some specialty tabs, multi temperature glue sticks, hot melt glue gun, a slide hammer, a bridge lifter, a squeeze type glue pull tab lifter, suction cup pullers, hammer set, and knockdown.

Pros: Variety of lifting devices, familiar eyelet and bar tab design, some knockdowns and a hammer are included, compact cart

Cons: Small cart, basic tab designs, limited small damage repair, no lighting options included

Miracle Europe

Miracle offers a glue pull solution that they claim is ideal for damage to sills, side walls, hoods, or the rear part of vehicles. They state that with their system, up to 80% of the deformation can be shaped back in an extremely short time.

These kits are offered in a couple options. The first is call the Miracle Gluing Technology Set and comes with a variety of medium damage tabs, a healthy amount of glue sticks, a small glue gun, some release solution, and a scraper. Their second kit is called the Miracle Gluing Kit Gluetech Plus. This kit includes some different tab designs as well as lateral pulling bars. These tab kits DO NOT come with any pulling devices so, make sure you also purchase a bridge lifter or other pulling device from Miracle to use with these tab kits.

Pros: Compact carrying case, easy-to-understand tabs, adaptable to your existing Miracle tools

Cons: No pulling devices included in kits, very limited tab sizes, one glue option, small glue gun, no carted option, no lighting options, not available for purchase online

H&S Autoshot

As a tool manufacturer providing technicians and shops with spot welders, plastic panel repair systems, and welders, H&S Autoshot has added a glue pull repair kit to their product line.

The Glue Puller Kit is billed as a professional glue dent pulling kit featuring an anodized aluminum squeeze puller, slide hammer, glue gun, and pull knobs. H&S states that their kit is designed to let you lever out dents from the panel surface without damaging the paint. There’s no need to drill holes and no need to remove interior panels. The kit works on panels where conventional push tools will not reach - no limitations by unseen restrictions behind the panel. This kit is primarily a small damage kit for PDR or body techs looking to pull a small dent.

Pros: Compact carrying case

Cons: Extremely limited tab selection, basic pulling tools, limited tab designs, no lighting options, no cart, no large damage repair capability, not available for purchase online

Harbor Freight

Most technicians and shop owners are aware of this supplier of budget friendly tools but, did you know they offer a glue pull repair kit? Yep, Pittsburgh Automotive, a brand carried at Harbor Freight locations, offers the smallest bridge we’ve seen. 

The Crossbar Dent Repair Kit is stated to handle dent repair yourself without damaging your vehicle’s paint. This small kit retails for the cost of a pack of tabs from the industry’s more professionally driven brands. With only two tab shapes included and an extremely limited supply of glue, this kit is more of a limited capability DIY tool and not a likely candidate for the serious autobody repair technician. But, for less than $20, it might be worth a try, if you’re simply looking to test the limits.

Pros: Cheap, readily available at Harbor Freight brick and mortar locations and online

Cons: Very limited tab selection, small bridge lifter, not professional grade, no lighting options included


A quick search for glue pull repair kits on Amazon will turn up all kinds of options for auto body repair. There’s no doubt that many technicians often start out with one of these Amazon kits however, it is strongly suggested to skip this step in your journey into the glue pull repair community as you are likely spending money that will not produce results for most professional technicians.

However, if you are in search of the absolute cheapest option (besides the Harbor Freight Crossbar) then one of the Amazon kits might just be what you are looking for. You can choose from various assortments and price points and, if you are an Amazon Prime member, most can be shipped to arrive at your door via FREE One-Day shipping.

Pros: Cheap, fast shipping, many options and varieties, some kits include reflector boards

Cons: Limited tab selection, not professional grade, limited capability, no post-purchase support

Buyer’s Guide Summary

There you have it. The most comprehensive glue pull repair system buyer’s guide for auto body repair technicians today. Hopefully you have a better idea of the options that are available to you so that you can choose the system that provides you with the results you want. If you have any questions about glue pull repair, you can reach out to us and we’d be glad to help you determine how to get the most bang for your buck and join the glue pull revolution!










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