Top 4 Reasons You Need a Keco GPR System

What's going on guys, Danny Hacker here with Keco Body Repair Products. I'm going to go over my top four reasons why I think every shop should own a Keco GPR system.


Number one and the most obvious is that it is less invasive. For instance, to start this repair we're going to go ahead clean it. Check it make sure our heat is somewhere around the 75 to 80 degree range. We're going to choose. We'll go with the ICE Centipede and then we're going to coat. Set our tab, and already right off the bat we're being less invasive.


Number two it's going to eliminate what I like to call the “OOPS Factor.” For instance:

  • “I just caught this dog leg on fire because there's so much foam in it!”
  • “I just plucked a hole in this panel with my stud welder.”
  • “I just grinded this edge too much cleaning up my stud holes and now it’s split.”

This system will eliminate the oops factor.


Number three it's going to be quicker, it's going to be cleaner, and the longevity of

your repair is going to last 10-fold.


Finally, number four. It is fun!

Stay tuned for more Hacker in the shop.

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