Keco Dent Tech of the Week: Robert Castillo

Robert Castillo is known for his incredible skill in Collision repair, specializing in catastrophe hail damage and smash PDR repairs. He started in the Collision industry in 1981 as an apprentice body technician. He reached master status there at the young age of 20 and had worked his way into management by 26. He was first introduced to PDR at Premier Technical systems in 1991. The crash course only lasted 7 days, but Robert’s understanding of metallurgy enabled him to enhance his technical skills tremendously.

He was first introduced to GPR in 1999 and was self-taught through many painstaking hours. “Today’s tabs and collision glues have allowed me to take on challenges I never would have never believed possible,” Robert said. His skill has been taken to a completely new level. His favorite high performance and consistency pairing for GPR is a wide assortment of Keco tabs and Keco/Camauto collision glue.

In his free time, Robert is a craftsman inside the kitchen. He loves the outdoors and takes each chance he gets to hunt or fish. He also enjoys spending time with his family and staying physically fit!

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