The Value That Glue Pull Repair Brings

Glue Pull Repair (GPR) is a technique to pull dents with the use of various plastic tabs of different shapes and sizes. These tabs are adhered to the panel’s clear coat with specialized hot melt glues. The adhered tabs are pulled with lifting devices. The process creates a cascading effect on the size of the dent as it is performed and repeated with increasingly smaller tabs and knock down tools until the point of desired result or technician skill threshold is realized.

In body shops, the mark of a successful repair is known when the use of only a small amount of filler is skimmed on, sanded smooth, and repainted.

NOTE: Glue Pull Repair (GPR) is not Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

However, with time, skill, and the use of push tools, GPR can and is used as a means to complete a full PDR repair.

There are many ways in which the GPR technique can provide value:

  1. Creates a higher quality repair
  2. Reduces the total size of the repair area
  3. Retains more OEM paint and interior panel integrity
  4. Works on all types of metals

Due to these reasons, GPR can create a faster key-to-key time, reduce Remove and Install (R&I), allow for more repairs and fewer replacements as well as create a reduced amount of finishing work altogether.

If you are an owner, manager or estimator, the GPR technique can help you:

  • Adapt to continued OEM innovations in panel materials and vehicle technology
  • Improve revenues per square foot
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership
  • Improve customer relationships with faster repair times and higher quality repairs
  • Provide technicians with a skill to differentiate themselves from their peers and competition

The Secret

The secret to Glue Pull Repair process comes from three key things:

  1. Surface Area – Up to 15 square inches on a single tab
  2. Correct Shapes – Tab shapes match the shapes of the dents
  3. The Process – Following our process gives technicians the ability to achieve maximum adhesion and make powerful pulls EVERY SINGLE TIME.

The glue pull repair process will significantly reduce the need for stud welding in your body shop. If you're a PDR tech, beginning your repairs with glue pull will significantly increase the speed at which you can turn jobs around and increase the quality of the end result. In either case, the efficiency gains and quality improvements made by implementing just a basic understanding of GPR techniques will undoubtedly put more money in your pocket.

Our Objective At KECO: Equip technicians with contemporary repair Tools & techniques within a changing industry.

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