KECO 90 mm (3.50 in) Blue Flexible Hinge Tab Set

SKU: 410-8440-V90

Size: 90 mm

NEW from KECO !

The latest innovation in tab technology from KECO. The new HINGE tabs bring versatility and strength that was previously not possible for using GPR to correct pillars, dog legs, door edges, seams, and body lines. Flexibility of the tab wings allow for almost infinite possibilities and promote parallel alignment for strong glue pulls on unpredictable damage.

Various glue wing lengths give you versatility in grabbing angled geometry. The Hinge Tab can also be configured with one wing for a lateral pull on dog legs, door edges, and a multitude of other situations. Let your creativity free and glue pull damage you never thought was possible!

  • Lifting Spine - made with KECO's flexible blue material with strength needed for a solid pulls
  • Hinge Pin - durable steel hinge pin with ball detent for powerful pulls using KECO lifting tools, pull towers, or frame machines
  • Glue Tab Wings - various lengths and made with KECO's flexible blue material, the wings create durable adhesion for the strongest of pulls
  • Included - (1) 90mm (3.50in) Lifting Spine | (1) 7mm (.28in) X 90mm (3.50in). Glue Tab Wing | (1) 13mm (.51in) X 90mm (3.50in) Glue Tab Wing | 19mm (.75in) X 90mm (3.50in) Glue Tab Wing | (1) 90mm (3.50in) Pin
  • Patent Pending

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