Selecting the Right Centipede or Body Tab Adapter


In this 4 minute video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne demonstrates the use for many of our tabs.  He explains when to select the correct centipede or body tab adapter.

Video Transcript


Today we'd like to give you some explanation in detail on our K Bar, K beam Series adapters. These are five different adapters that come with our tools. How do they work?

There’s a hundred millimeter one in size, the 50 millimeter one, the 25 millimeter one, and one specially designed to grab smaller tabs. So the whole variety and range of tabs are all tools you can grab with those adapters.

An even more extra feature is that we designed some extra adapters that you can use with miracle tools. It slides into the adapter like our K bar and K beam slides into it. You can use this one on the miracle, and the extra adapter that comes with it you just screw it on there and then you can use it with all the jis tools that you have. The Jis leverage bar, the jist bridge, and the miracle bridge.

So this is the extra tool that comes with it. They can buy extra for those tools if you already have those in your arsenal of tools, in your shop, or body shop. So why choose these adapters? If it's a big dent, and we use those bigger centipedes. Of course we start as big as possible because if you pull with this big adapter, the 100 millimeter one, then you pull as straight as possible on those bigger centipedes.

Why would you use a smaller one or the half a size 50 millimeter one? Well if it's a deep dent and it slides into the dent then you want to glue it into the center of the dent. The big one might not be able to slide over it anymore because it's way too deep and it doesn't go over the tab when it's glued onto your car.

That's when we use this 50 millimeter one that will be able to slide over the tab all the time even if it's bent like this. You can still grab it and pull up the deepest point.

Also, for our new Viper tabs that follow your crease, or your damaged on your car. If it's of course a curve damage then you use a smaller depth that will slide over it and follow the dent. You can grab it pull it with your K beam or your K bar and straighten out the dent. Same thing for the smaller one, especially designed to hold smaller tabs that you can pull with a bigger lifter. So this one's for that.

An extra one, something very special, the U bolt. Why do we use this feature, a u-bolt? Well, same adapter, you slide the you bolt in there, and fix it. It grabs to these big centipedes or other ones. The ones you're using to repair that big dent that you're working on. You slide it over and you can use some straps that you hook on that pull them. Put tension on the dent and gives you two free hands to work. Or even better, if you have a hydraulic correct system use your chain, put tension on it, pull that rocker, pull that door. Relieve tension on it and, you've got both hands-free. While the hook is on it  work around it and pull that big dent out.

So if you see our variety of adapters, it leaves this little one for last. It's a quarter to 20 series of wire that grabs our super tabs and our HD tabs and gives it a strong fix pull on the K bar or on the K beam.


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