Keco Dent Tech of the Week: Eric Willhite

Eric Willhite is a 20-year collision technician who is dedicated to his craft and learning new ways to better himself. He’s an avid outdoorsman with a love for kayaking, riding his dirt bike, shooting guns, and playing disc golf. He first got involved in PDR in 2006 when he attended Paint Bull in Saginaw, Michigan to learn the basics. About a year ago, Eric and a friend started a mobile PDR service called Northern Lights Auto Concepts LLC in an effort to merge his Collision background and PDR skills into one. “The best part about my job is making my customers whole again. Repairing their vehicles the way I would want my vehicle repaired, and using manufacture specific procedures,” Eric said.

Eric’s favorite tools are KECO tools because glue pulling is the way of the future. “Glue pulling for collision or PDR is an awesome way to achieve easier, cleaner repairs to body damage,” Eric said.  

Eric knows that to be great technician you must be humble and open for change. The PDR and Collision industries are ever changing, so a technician must be able to do the same. He also knows the importance of understanding and following OEM procedures. “Speaking as a Collision and PDR technician, we must follow OEM procedures to the best of our ability. Not only for our customers safety, but for ours as well. Vehicle manufacturers provide in-depth information as to how they want vehicles repaired. This is the future of repairing vehicles. We aren’t engineers, we are technicians.” 

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