Keco Dent Tech of the Week: Žan Vidic

Žan Vidic is an award-winning PDR technician who is renowned for his skill and precision. Žan began his journey with PDR doing R&I for a company that did hail damage repairs in Slovenia. After 2 years of doing R&I there, he picked up some PDR techniques and began practicing on his own, completing his first car in 2010. Since then, Žan's skill has grown immensely. He won the PDR World Cup in both 2018 and 2019, the Tournament of Champions at Advanced Skills Seminar, Dent Olympics 2020, and placed second at Dent Trials 2019 and IASRE Japan 2019.  

Žan uses GPR on rails, big dents, and areas that are unreachable by other techniques.  His favorite tools are the round Keco Dead Center tabs and crease Keco Dead Center tabs. He says the most rewarding part of his job is seeing the cars look like new and the happiness in his customers’ facewhen they see the work he’s done.  

In his free time, Žan likes to spend time with his wife and children. He enjoys barbequing and watching movies with them. He used to play basketball before he sustained a few injuries, so now he settles for the occasional NBA game or two.  

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