Keco Dent Tech of the Week: Blake A. Baker

Blake Baker began his journey as a Collision technician at the Universal Technical Institute, in Houston, Texas, where he completed the Collision Repair and Refinish Training program. He enjoyed working on cars as a hobby, but was ready to take his skill to a professional level with the help of a well-known institution.  

Blake started using GPR out of curiosity. He’d seen it used in the PDR industry, but didn’t believe the tools were being used to their full potential. He believed there had to be a crossover between conventional collision repair and paintless dent repair. In order to find it, he had to commit to learning GPR. He purchased a full set of Keco Dent Repair tools, and acquired training from some of the best, Gene Fetty and Dave Schaulat, his “GPR dads.”  

Through many hours of practice on discarded body panels, he mastered his craft and found that GPR is absolutely a better repair method than having to weld a pulling device of any kind to a vehicle. He says GPR is “less invasive, more accurate, and more cost effective compared to traditional body repair methods.” Today’s cars have complicated electronics and safety features that make a noninvasive repair even more vital.

Blake says that his favorite and most used Keco Dent Repair Tools are the Robo Lifter and Adjustable Slide Hammer in conjunction with Dead Center and Dead Center Crease Tabs. They make quick work of things I used to get my dent puller out for. When combined with proper lighting, even small repairs push you to excel well beyond where you would leave a conventional body repair.” In his free time, Blake enjoys spending time outdoors and spending time with his two daughters, family, and friends.  

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