DentFreakz 12" Hardwood Knock Down Paddle

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Crafted from fine hardwood, this knock down paddle from DentFreakz is weighted to provide precise and powerful strikes. The leather striking surface limits slippage when striking the tip to maximize control and reduce noise. Integrated magnets easily identify aluminum and steel panels while providing convenient storage

  • Hardwood - The unique blend of specialty hardwoods gives this handle a powerful strike while still remaining lightweight and controlled
  • Leather Striking Surface - Limit slippage when striking while reducing striking noise
  • Magnets - Integrated magnets allow for easy identification of aluminum and steel panels while providing a convenient storage option
  • Paracord Handle - Wrapped in a premium paracord material to provide a comfortable grip for all day use
  • Wrist Strap - Never drop your paddle again with the built-in wrist-strap