Collision Glue Pull Repair (GPR)


Less invasive collision repair technology

GPR eliminates stud welding so your repairs are far less intrusive with less post-pull work pounding, filling, priming and painting. KECO Collision Systems containing tools, tabs, light, and accessories to facilitate damage correction from aggressive to more finite metal movement by the most detailed technicians. Fast repairs with minimal, if any, body filler.

12 Minutes of Work in a 1-Minute Video

Key Benefits of GPR

  • No Damage to E-coat - Front & backside factory corrosion protection remains intact
  • Efficient Metal Flow - large surface area tabs & double-action allows smooth dent removal with filler-less repairs possible on smaller dings
  • Repair Area Reduction - repair area immediately reduces massively in size after intial pulls
  • Sustainability - Eco friendly cold repair process

Key Applications

  • Aluminum - Most effective method to repair aluminum panels
  • Electric Vehicle Safe - Repair can be carried out on powered EV
  • Structural - Where applicable, system is capable of structural pulls
  • Cosmetic - Key repair process for SMART & PDR

Key Features of KECO GPR Collision Systems

  • Comprehensive - complete tab & tool offering from rough out to finish
  • Organization - System cart set up for work cell efficiency
  • Adaptability & Modularity - Every car is different and no plane is flat, KECO systems are designed to work efficiently with all damage
  • Great Process & Training - easy to learn and a clear path to mastery
GPR Fast


Fast: Reduce repair times and lower the severity of the repair on steel or aluminum.



GPR Guarantee


High-Quality:  Repair vehicles without damage to exterior finish, interior panel protections, or factory seals.



GPR Easy-to-Learn


Easy-to-Learn:  Get started using GPR with zero formal training or certifications.



GPR Affordable


Affordable:  Purchase a complete system at a fraction of the cost of comparable conventional repair systems.



 These results only took 12 MINUTES!

Complete Repair Video (12 minutes)

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