Supertabs & Heavy-Duty Tabs


In this video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne demonstrates the KECO  Super tabs and Heavy duty tabs. These tabs are used for bigger smashes and  larger body repair projects. 

Video Transcript

Today we’d like to talk to you about our line of bigger tabs. Meaning, our super tabs and HD tabs. What's the application of these tabs? They are for bigger body repair, bigger smashes, and again the line is in two series. We have the blue flexible material, and then we have the ice, or rigid material. As you know from our other tabs, that means the head is stiffer and gives you a stronger flatter pull, or the more flexible pull.

If you want to move those big bedsides big dents then you'll love to use a slide hammer instead of a more controlled pool with the K-Beam or K-bar you, have the possibility to do that.

We have a range of tabs, again, all the sizes of the tabs and the different shapes are specially meant to adapt to use on those different shapes of dents. So it allows you to glue inside the dent and stay away from the crowns, so the big dent can move as it should move.

It allows you to use these different types of shapes; round shapes, we have rectangular shapes, and all of these super tabs and HD tabs have a very special feature. They all have a brass insert. A quarter to 20 insert. These screws fit into the adapter on the big slide hammer, like this one that we have, and you can grab the tab like this. Or you can use those tabs at the same time with an eyebolt that you can use in conjunction with straps.

Why would you do that if you're using it on a big bedside or a bigger dent on a door, quarter panel, whatever you want to repair, a roof even? You glue it in there, put tension on the vent that you're working on, leave it on. Maybe two or three on a very important place that you want to move, and it allows you to work free hand. You can now slap away crowns and move the damage and pull more here and there.

Last but not least, if you love to use them in conjunction with the K bar or K beam, we have our special tab adapter that screws into the same thread and that you can use with your favorite K-bar or K-Beam.


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