Precision Robo Lifter Base


In this 2 minute video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne demonstrates the KECO Precision Robo Lifter Base.  This base is used when pulling smaller dents. It pushes the metal down while you pull the center of the tab up, saving you a knockdown session.

Video Transcript


Hello everyone we have a new video today to show you something new that we have.  We’ve got this new base to pull details. The new base is for the robo lifter. Instead of using the robo feet, take the feet off and use this base and just click it on there.


It’s made to do hail and every little dent; from the tiniest dent to the 2 cm tabs that we have.  As you can see on the base, those fit right in there. So lets glue them on and show you how this works.  

The idea here is to use this plate to hold back the metal , and to make sure not to over glue.  That's very important especially if you’re doing hail on big vans or big open areas: a roof, a hood, door panels.  What happens a lot of times if you use both feet, the inside gets over pulled way too high. But this base here holds down the metal and pulls up the center just enough to bring out the dent but not over pull it.  Then it will give you an easier knockdown session if you over pull the metal.


You just adjust the robo to the height of the tab.  Put it over, and as you can see the tab will fit right in there.  Then you pull. It creates strong pulls and holds your tabs in place.  It makes strong pulls without over pulling. You heard the snaps of how strong these pulls are. Let's take off the glue. So as you can see here in an open space, this was the 2cm tab. This would be a tower otherwise.


So, this base here is for sure for open panels, if you use anything up to the 2cm tab. It will make your life easy when pulling those panels.  You don't have to be scared anymore when pulling in a wide open area because this base holds down the metal and you have all the control that you need to pull up the dent.  It maybe two stage but that's up to you. But i've used the prototype for months now and i'm so happy this tool came out. It’s a little base but it will help you tremendously.  


And of course we have our hydraulic lifter.  This was the first lifter we had at keco. So if you want to do a roof this base fits on the exact same lifter. So if you want to use it on a dent gun, same way. If you want it on the roof, panels, or whatever you want, the same base fits on this one too.  


So it will be out soon, we have some test samples out to some guys so we’ll see who’s gonna give you some nice videos too about how to use this thing. Happy Pulling, thanks for watching!


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