In this 3 minute video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne demonstrates the KECO Knockdowns. These knockdowns come in three different strengths of plastic, and are used to knock down those high spots. 

Video Transcript


Today we'd like to talk to you about our range of knockdowns and all the different qualities we have. We're going to explain how to use them, and what kind of knockdowns we have.

First of all, we have an injection molded knockdown. A full metal insert through the knockdown allows you to work on different types of metals: aluminum, HSS, and normal steels.

So then there is the hole injection molded plastic series. First of all, we have the fire ones. Then we have the ice material that is this color. Then we have the root beer knockdowns.

So why these colors? Is it just a color? No, it's the quality or hardness of these knockdowns. The fire is the softest plastic that we use, and will not hurt your paint or leave any dimples whatsoever. It’s very soft to use on paint and high spots when you pull those small
dents. Then the in-between quality are the ice knockdowns. Also, all of them have a different tip. The size that they all have is 2 millimeter, 4 millimeter, and 6 millimeter, so you can choose which one to start with.

For bigger dents, of course, use the flat surface, the biggest six millimeter one first.Then the smaller one and finishing details with this one, or with the metal one. So then the hardest quality we have is the root beer quality. It works perfect on hard metals and on aluminum. Also it is up to you to decide what to use.

These rubber caps are a nice feature too because it changes the hit that you have on thosehigh spots. For example, without the cap, when you use it on that, it gives it a hard blow a harder firm strike. If you use the caps that fit on all those knock downs, it gives you more like a dent blower. It’s a different feel when you knock down a higher high spot without leaving any

So the next run feature for our knockdowns are the knockdown holders. In the fire material it accepts all the knockdowns that you have, and is not a hammer. It is a knockdown holder and it allows you, if you are doing big dents, to put yourself further away from the dent and take away micro spots or details further away from the dent that you're fixing. It allows you to see more detail with this knockdown.

Last but not least, we have two qualities of a knockdown tip holder. In that tip holder it accepts 5/16 threads, and all the tips in the industry will fit in this knockdown. For example this is our four here. You can screw it in there and just use it as a knockdown holder, and fits like all the
other knockdown holders to work from a distance on the same dent.


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