K-Bar Leverage Pulling Bar


In this video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne demonstrates the KECO K- Bar, and shows the useful features that come along with the leverage bar.  The KECO K-Bar is a single action tool that allows you to pull big dents out.

Video Transcript

Today I would like to talk you to you about the K bar. The K bar is a strong leverage bar with some interesting features. We have a very nice

handling  to grab the tool. We have a movable thread that adapts to all the different adapters that we're just going to talk about in a minute. We have the foot here, it's covered in rubber where you can use it on the car, around the car, underneath. You can use it on rocker panels, on doors, on roofs even, and on rails on the car. Works like this you put it on a strong spot and then start yanking or pulling on it then.

What kind of ends?  Well you can use centipedes and they are used in conjunction with these adapters. You just slightly adapt it onto the tool, you fix it, slide the centipedes in there and start pulling with hot glue and start using the tabs and pull out dents without taking the paint off. Its glue pull to paint or PDR system to help you get big dents out of there. It's a single action tool meaning  you still need to use your arm and you have a second arm with the slapper or a hammer or whatever you're using to slap down those crowns. So it allows you to repair all that stuff.

Something  very nice on this tool is on rockers of course  you can go underneath push against the rocker and then use this tool and pull out the damage from jacks or whatever the damage was that caused the rocker to be tempted.  So there are five different adapters that come with the tool. Let me show them to you. We have the hundred millimeter adapter, we have the 50 millimeter adapter, we have the 25 millimeter adapter that slide over the centerpiece. And we have one that is blocked to grab onto tabs or smaller tabs.  Also one with a thread or twenty thread that goes in all our tabs and you can use it on the K- bar, and use it to pull separate tabs as well.

If you want to know more about this tool, well visit us at kecotabs.com, or click the link below and start cranking


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