Glue Pull Repair - Ford Hatch


In this video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne demonstrates the KECO K-Beam and how it is helpful when performing a glue pull repair on a Ford Hatch.

Video Transcript


This is why we use bendable centipedes, so you can push them into the dent.  As you can see here, just underneath this line, follow the dent and you can push it all the way into the deepest part to bring the line back up and try to lift this area. This is the deepest part of this dent. We want to reshape the whole thing. We've got a pull here, so I want this bendable centipede to follow the body line. So we can put a lot of pressure here to lift it, and at the same time try to knock down this and see how we can lift this thing. Let's see what we can do by pulling when the glue sets.

I relieve some of the pressure on it at the same time with a push tool from underneath. So leave it on there and see. Just use it as an extra man. This guy is working for you all the time. It’s pulling the whole time so leave it on.

Then we're gonna push out this, so use the extra pressure from the bridge to hold the rest always in line, and releasing the pressure at the same time. Anyone else will help too fast. So you're not only working with a double action tool and doing a double action.

actually three things are going on: double action tool here, and then it's like a second guy working with you because it's a kind of a spacious a thin one of course, but it's not releasing automatically. We are reshaping it. You don't have to reshape it yet a hundred percent. As close as you can come because you want to unleash the bridge or the K beam and check what the rest of the the hatch is doing before you finish your 100% quality. If you finish a hundred percent, the bridge or the tension of the bridge needs to be released and the tension needs to be gone.


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