Elim A Dent Portable PDR Lights


In this video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne demonstrates the KECO Elim A Dent portable PDR lights.  The KECO Elim A Dent PDR lights are equipped with both warm and cool light settings, and a flexible back bone to adjust to any car.

Video Transcript


Today we would like to talk to you about our Elim A Dent Light. Why in the world would we recommend you to use a light to do body repair? Well that's an easy answer. You want to light up the dent or the area that you work on to see what you are fixing, and all PDR guys of course know why it's so important to have a light. If you're a body man and you didn't use the light to light up the area or the dent that you are fixing, you would literally be working in the dark your whole life.

So if you use the battery with this mobile light, we have three different ones; Milwaukee, Makita, or dewalt, depends on what your preference is. We just put the battery into the base. You have an on and off switch here. You can use six different LED strips meaning we have three cold colors or white, and on the other hand we have three warm colors.

Why the difference in colors? Well because there are all different colors of cars. You have light colors like white, and very dark ones; dark blue brown and black ones and that's why you use different kind of colors. To light up the detail in the paint that you are working on, because at the end of the day we're all doing pull to paint and leaving the paint on there, so we’re working on the paint.

What are the special features here? Well the base has a wood suction cup, meaning the suction cup will adapt or hold on all the paint parts of your car, even on the glass. So you can push and fix and connect this light anywhere you want on the car. Put it at the right amount space or length from the dent that you are fixing to light up that area or detail that you want to see while gluing or repairing your car.

As you can see, this spinal cord or backbone is fixable and it allows you to bend your light in any possible position that you prefer. The lock liners you can put tension on them more or less to keep it in the position that you want.


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