Black Ice Hail Tabs


In this 3 minute video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne displays the KECO Black ICE Hail Tabs. These tabs are made in different shapes and sizes to fit all types of dents.

Video Transcript


Today we'd like to talk to you about our black ice line of tabs. Black ice tabs are a joint venture with the Black Plague tabs. We have our special material, the black ice stuff that we use as the strongest material out there today to use for tabs. Why would you use the black ice material? Because it's a very rigid material that has almost no flex when you're pulling dents.

The first range that we had was the range with the round tabs or heel tabs, and the square long rectangle crease tabs that were all smooth. Why are all these tabs smooth? The strongest pull that you can get today are from smooth tabs. It doesn't allow any flex, but also if you glue the tab on the car or on the paint that you're working on, it seals it from the air because of its smoothness there are no ridges or dimples. Nothing allowing air underneath when you're pulling gives you the strongest pull in the industry today.

Why all the shapes? Well if you look at dents today, not one dent is the same. While you're repairing hail for example; that's why we have the small hail that ranges from round, oval, to square. It's up to you to decide what tab you use on the particular dent that you want to repair at that time. The round ones of course are for our round shapes. The oval ones are for the oval or the other shapes.

Also, this new line here, these square tabs have the same dimensions as the round ones but 25% more surface area. It gives you an even stronger pull on the same thing. So why all of these different shapes of tabs like the round ones, the crease tabs, the rectangular, oval, and square ones?

There is a very important feature there in technique. All the shapes of dents are different. That's why all these tabs are different. The most important thing is that you do not want to place a tab that is too large and covers the deepest part of the dent and the crowns or the ridge around it. If you do that, you pull up the whole area and not the dent that you want to fix.

So the choice you need to make if you’re using a tab, is to place a tab that it is smaller than the ridge or the crown around it. Put the tab in the middle. Pull it up so that the edge of the ridge has the possibility to move, because if you use a tab that's too big you're pulling the whole area up. So make sure your tab is always smaller or follows the shape of the dent so that the edges or the ridges around it have the possibility to move. Then you'll pull up the deepest part and let the edges move. You'll be fixing that dent so much faster.

So do you need a lot of tabs? Do you need different shapes? Yes, you do if you want to repair them the correct way. So if you want to know more about all our tabs that we have to offer, check out our website, and get ready to start working on those dents.


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