2016 Ford Mustang Convertible - Quarter Panel Glue Pull Repair

In this video, Gene shows a complex GPR repair on a 2016 Ford Mustang Convertible. The owner of the vehicle actually fell into the side of the car hitting the quarter panel just above the wheel well. There was an insurance adjuster in the shop before the repairs were started and he felt that the damage was larger enough that quite a few of his shops would have wanted to write the quarter panel for a replacement.

Using GPR techniques with Keco body repair tools Gene was not only able to save the panel but got it to a level of paintless dent repair that the customer was completely ecstatic with. Large surface area and double-action movement are what Gene relied on to get this repair moving in the right direction. While applying outward force on the dents he was able to use a blending hammer and R4 tip to move the crowns and buckles down.

As the repair progressed Gene moved to smaller tabs such as the ice material crease tabs as well as finishing off with the Dead Center finishing tabs. When Gene thought he was going to be able to finish the detail work off with traditional PDR tools he ran into several things inside of the quarter panel that made tooling impossible. There were glued in supports as well as a dividing baffle. To complete the repair Gene went back to the Dead Center finishing tabs and pulled out the remaining lows.

Tools Used

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