Is Glue Pull Repairing Safe for Ceramic Coating Dent Removal?

There are many advantages glue pull repairing offers over traditional stud welded repair techniques. Glue pull repair is non-invasive requiring no grinding or welding ensuring paint protectants and metal finishes such as rustproofing are undisturbed. This includes popular aftermarket paint finishes such as ceramic coatings and paint protective films.

With ceramic coatings—also called nano-ceramic coatings—costing upwards of $1,000 for some high-end products, understanding what makes glue pull repair safe for ceramic coatings is essential when demonstrating value to customers.


What Are Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coatings have rapidly grown in popularity making them one of the most common consumer-purchased aftermarket paint protectants you will encounter on modern vehicles. These coatings promise protection from swirl marks, UV rays and dirt by using microscopic particles that create a semi-permeant bond to the paint surface invisible to the eye.

While each brand of ceramic coating has its own proprietary formula, all follow the same basic principles. A liquid polymer is applied directly to the paint’s surface to create a thin, transparent layer that acts as a protective barrier for paint surfaces. Forming a semi-permanent bond with the paint surface, ceramic coating is designed to last 2-3 years and withstand repeated washing making it a longer-lasting alternative to protective waxes.

Is GPR Safe for Ceramic Coatings?

Yes, glue pull repair is safe for ceramic coatings under most circumstances. The non-invasive nature of glue pull repairing ensures the protective barrier of ceramic coating bonded to the paint surface is not disturbed when removing a dent. This is also why GPR does not damage factory anti-corrosive coatings.

Traditional collision repair techniques requiring grinding and welding would damage the ceramic coating costing additional time and resources to restore it. Many dents can be glue pulled without the need to remove the ceramic coating. With deeper dents or sharp creases, Keco recommends removing the ceramic coating per the manufacturer’s directions to ensure tabs have maximum adhesion to paint surfaces.  

All Keco lifters—including K-Bars and K-Beams—feature specially designed non-slip feet that won’t mar paint and finishes.

As ceramic coatings and aftermarket finishes continue to gain popularity with vehicle owners, customers are increasingly concerned about preserving these expensive finishes. Ease customer concerns and overcome objections by explaining the benefits of using non-invasive glue pull repair on their vehicle.

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