How Long Can I Make Pulls After Adhering the Glue Tab?

Keco recommends three different glues: Cactus “Green” Glue, Camauto “Yellow” Glue and Tab Weld “Gray” Glue. Each of these glues have different setup times and working windows. Longer setup times are an indicator of the flexibility of the glue so be aware when choosing the best glue for the dent. Below are the general working times for each glue. Actual working times will vary based on environmental factors.

Cactus “Green” Glue
Large Tabs = 2 – 3 Minutes
Small Tabs = 15 – 20 Minutes

Camauto “Yellow” Glue 
Small Tabs = 1 - 2 Minutes
Large Tabs = 3 - 4 Minutes

Tab Weld “Gray” Glue
Small Tabs = 1 - 2 Minutes
Large Tabs = 5 -10 Minutes

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