Pro PDR 36" Chubby Dimmable 6-Strip LED PDR Light with Aluminum Extendable Boom and Quick Release Mount

SKU: 410-1037


Size: 36"

The robust 36” Chubby PDR light has a large face ideal for lighting larger work areas and crosschecking. Featuring 6 dimmable LED strips, the Chubby PDR light produces a crisp line providing enhanced contrast between the dent surface and shadows. LED strips alternate in warm and cool lights for maximum versatility.

  • 46” Lighting Surface - The large lighting area allows for larger working areas
  • 6 Dimmable LED Strips - Parallel lighting strips provide even lighting across the entire face of the light while the dimmer allows lighting to be tailored to your specific environment
  • Robust Stand - Light mounts to a heavy-duty frame sitting atop 3” casters to securely hold your light in any position
  • Telescopic Boom Arm - Reinforced boom arm allows light to be securely positioned above work areas and telescopes for compact storage
  • 12-Volt Battery Clamps - Light includes a 20’ coiled power cord with battery clamps to attach to any 12-volt automotive battery

Common Questions

Shaft Thickness7/8"
OtherBoom Arm