DNE 38" Yellow LED PDR Light with Never Loose Mounting

SKU: 410-DNE-38-YEL
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Size: 38"

Style: Light and Stand

You can’t fix what you can’t see. PDR lighting solutions from DNE provide dent repair lighting solutions designed for maximum portability.

  • 6 Lighting Strips - Harness the power of 6 LED lighting strips allowing you to repair complex damage and prevent overpulls
  • Adjustable Stand - Omni-directional stand and quick-adjust levers allows light to be precisely adjusted for each dent
  • Powerful LEDs - Daylight spectrum LED strips provide even lighting that will allow you to see and repair damage that would otherwise be hidden with poor lighting
  • Never Loose Mounting - The included Never Loose Mounting bracket allows light to be attached to walls with the Never Loose Mounting Arm (sold separately)

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