Centipede Instructions

The KECO Centipede Crease tab is an excellent means to pull the most stubborn creases.
For best results, choose a Centipede width that is most consistent with the width and depth of the body crease. In other words, for a deeper, sharper crease, choose the 12.5mm Rigid Thick Centipede. For wider creases, choose the 25mm or 44mm Centipedes. For maximum lifting, we recommend any of the ICE formulations of the Centipede crease tabs.

12.5mm Rigid Thick ICE Centipede


44mm Flex Thin Original Centipede

Four different adaptors come with the KBar and 3 are available for use with centipedes: 25mm, 50mm, 100mm. The smallest Adapter pictured is threaded for use with Super Tabs.

25mm, 50mm, 100mm and Super Tab Adapters for use with the KBar

Slide Hammer Adapter with Centipede Adapter for using centipedes with Slide Hammers

100mm Centipede Adapter for use with KBar


Prior to beginning the process, the technician should choose an adhesive that is compatible with temperature, climate conditions and the material being manipulated. Properly heated adhesive should be applied in a pattern that provides the maximum coverage of the tab base. Gently bond the crease tab to the body and allow to set. (The time needed to adequately set may vary by date, geography, climate conditions and surface.) Glue pulling can commence only after sliding the adaptor over the Centipede ridge. Using minute lateral movement, begin “lifting” procedures. Carefully repeat to “work” the length of the crease. Repeat as necessary.