KECO Hole Straightener


In this 2 minute video, Jonathan Vandenfontyne demonstrates the KECO Hole Straightener.  The KECO Hole Straightener is used to repair body holes bent or malformed after a dent repair with push tools.

Video Transcript

Hello, this is Jonathan with KECO Body Repairs Products.

Today I would like to you about our hole straightener. What in the world is a hole straightener? Well, we all have been there -- using a tool, you go into a small hole, you fix a dent, you get the tool out. You are proud of your dent. But then when you try to close the hood and you see the hole -- oh, what did I do? I bent the hole with the tool by putting pressure on the hole inside and bent it.

So, we made a tool that you can use in conjunction with the Robo and the Robo Lifter accepts the tool, and becomes a hole-straightener tool.

You'll see right away, in a close-up shot, how I put it in a washer that's supposed to represent a hole in a door, a hood, or whatever, and you can squeeze this tool and straighten out the hole.

This one, as you know, the Robo can turn 360, and you can fix the hole 360 around and leave the car properly repaired inside and out.

So make your life easy. Straighten out those holes with our hole straightener.

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