Landing the Perfect PDR Gig

According to the weather experts at, hail causes an average of $1.42 billion in property damage in the United States each year and the need for Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) technicians at automotive body shops throughout the country is skyrocketing. So, how exactly does someone with your unique skills land the perfect gig at various automotive body shops who are in need of your expertise? By following a few of our easy to follow steps below.

Do Your Research

As any PDR technician or Hail Chaser knows, your experience and ability are invaluable to a variety of auto body shops, but only those in areas who recently experienced or are about to experience a major hail storm. In order to determine where your next job is going to come from, the start of your research should involve the use of a phone app called Hail Trace, which uses the latest radar technology to accurately depict the hail size in any storm.

After establishing a game plan as to which area of the country you will be heading to, it is also important that you find the perfect shops for your skills. Along with making a list of the body shops in the selected area, it is imperative to find out what these shops offer and if your skills will be needed. Thanks to a few helpful components, like Google, Yelp, Angie’s List and even social media, the next step in your research process should be as easy as the first. In fact, a little bit of cyberstalking can even help you obtain a bit of additional information on the owner or even on the local PDR guy that could give you an advantage over other technicians that may try to take the job that should be yours.

Come Prepared

Once you have your list and research complete, it is time to assure that you have everything that you need for the perfect sales pitch. This should start with both a resume as well as a well thought out list of PDR references. It also wouldn’t hurt to include a portfolio of previously completed work (via a photo album) to better sell the deal. If you are able to verbally speak to your years of experience this is also a great skill to have.

Bring Your “A” Game

Along with experience in the paintless removal of automotive dents, be sure that you are also well versed and knowledgeable in everything that it takes to get the job done. This includes knowing how to write a proper estimate, working with technology like Mobile Tech RX and ReconPro, as well as being well versed in both R&I and R&R and so much more.

First on the Scene

Finally, if you really want to land the perfect gig/PDR job it is imperative to be first on the scene. Much like any job, the last thing that you want to do is arrive at a body shop when half the day is over. As part of your research, find out what time the owner arrives at the shop and be there to help as soon as you can. Be sure that your initial offer is also centered around being as helpful as possible to this business vs. that almighty dollar.

Once this checklist is completed, you are well on your way to becoming a successful PDR Hail Chaser. Stay tuned to this blog to find out how to keep the success going far into the future.

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